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I Think I Am Gluten Intolerant...

I think I am gluten intolerant

While there are a lot of articles coming to the surface negating gluten intolerance, there are many people who don't feel well and can't figure out why. Because of the popularity of gluten-free foods and the light that's been shone on gluten-free diets, people might be more inclined to just try it out to see if it makes them feel better.


I say this, not because I don't believe in gluten intolerance, or benefits of gluten-free diets for people with certain health problems. I say this because if you do in fact have celiac disease, you must be eating enough wheat /gluten in order to get properly tested. It is difficult enough to diagnose celiac disease when you are eating wheat gluten, so don't make it anymore difficult for yourself by going on a gluten-free diet before seeing your doctor and getting tested. For more information about getting tested before starting a gluten free diet please refer to Dr. Amy Burkhart's blog post.

Some doctors may not know enough about celiac disease to properly diagnose or rule out celiac disease (I have heard horror stories). If you do not feel like you are getting proper knowledgeable care from you doctor, I would recommend looking at the celiac foundation practitioner directory to find a healthcare provider who can help you through this process.


For more information about Celiac Disease and Non-Celiac Wheat Sensitivity (NCWS) screening and diagnosis please visit the Celiac Disease Foundation. If you are wanting to read some amazing blog posts and feel a part of a community of people throughout this process please check out The Gluten Dude. This process is difficult enough without feeling like you have to go through it alone.

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