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Handmade Berry Toaster Tarts

Handmade Berry Toaster Tarts

I have wanted to make handmade toaster tarts since I first saw them on Pinterest (a really long time ago). I know I'm a little late to the game, but I've been really busy! I pretty much always have pie dough in my freezer though, and I had a little free time today, so here it is! Wow, was I missing out this whole time.

I feel like I only missed the idea of Pop-tarts. Being told that can't do something really only makes me want to do it more; so when I couldn't eat Pop-tarts anymore, I had immense cravings for them. These are infinitely better than any store bought version of a toaster pastry though, and so I will never miss Pop-tarts again. These are flaky and delicate, and sweet but tart (depending on your jam). They really are delicious.

They require all of the same TLC as anything made with pie dough, but I find it easier to roll out the dough and cut it into smaller pieces, than to form it into a pie pan. The main trick with these is to properly seal the top layer to the bottom layer so that the filling doesn't come pouring out when they bake. When spreading the filling on the bottom layer, leave about 3/4" boarder around the edges. Brush a small amount of milk around the bottom boarder to help seal the layers together, then press them together firmly. Another thing that will help is to freeze the filled and sealed dough for about 10 minutes before baking them. Don't forget to make extra of these since you can fill and freeze them ahead of time, and bake them from frozen.

Handmade Gluten Free Berry Toaster Tarts

Prep Time: 40 minutes

Baking Temperature: 375 degrees F

Baking Time: 15 minutes

Level Of Difficulty: Medium


Pastry & Filling

1 Recipe of The Flakiest Gluten Free Pie Dough

Extra flour for rolling out dough

1 Tbsp of Seedless Berry Jam per Toaster Tart

Milk to seal and brush over the top

Berry Glaze

2/3 C Powdered Sugar

2 tsp Any Type of Milk

1 Tbsp Seedless Berry Jam

Pinch Kosher Salt